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November 22, 2023

Review: Astronaut Starry Sky Projector is a whole lot of fun

Astronaut Projector
Starry sky projectors have been available for years, but they began popping up on social media in 2020 and have recently become a part of the TikTok trend club. One thing I’ve discovered: many of these trends are trending for good reason. Some of them help to replace unwanted kitchen gadgets, like the veggie chopper and others help to create small efficiencies, like the apple corer. Some of them just chop meat.
The Astronaut Star Projector Night Light, however, is well worth the buzz. It’s a starry night projector with vivid colours that adds ambiance to any dark room. It’s not just any projector — it’s a sweet astronaut looking whimsically up at the sky. The projections come straight from the little space explorer’s helmet, which swivels to adjust how much of your ceilings and walls you want to be covered with stars and nebulas. Great for space lovers, children and adults.

The review

My partner, my almost two-year-old daughter and I are all really happy with this purchase. The astronaut seems well-built, though a little top-heavy. It comes with a base for it to stand on, and must be “docked” or little astro-friend will fall over. I think the next iteration should include the base permanently attached, but not a major issue.

The (non-scientific) stars and nebulas are absolutely gorgeous and very easy to watch for long periods of time. “Moons and stars” has become part of our bedtime routine with our toddler — one she looks forward to and talks about throughout the day.

There are eight different nebula effects that can be used along with green twinkling stars. The nebulas change colours using the remote control or buttons on the back of the astronaut’s body, but the stars are only green. I would love the option of changing the star colour to white or blue perhaps. The effects are bright, vivid and immersive — a real show.

The astronaut’s head rotates 360 degrees for angled projection anywhere in your room, which is one of the best features. I also love the 45- and 90-minute sleep timers — great for a child’s room, or an adult who wants to drift off to sleep while watching outer space. I find the projection both calming and mesmerizing, creating a sensory experience that’s great before bed.

This projector would be an excellent addition to a party too — kids or adults — however the cord is a little short, so I’d suggest having an extension cord on hand.

Great for space lovers, kids or adults looking to enjoy the night sky, buy the Astronaut Star Projector Night Light on Tophatter's Smashing Deals Marketplace for $69.69.



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