What age do kids need a night light?
February 08, 2024

What age do kids need a night light?


Should you put a child night light in your toddler's room?


It depends on their age and why you think they need child night light.


For children who are afraid of the dark or monsters, a child night light can be comforting. However, toddlers usually don't experience nighttime anxiety until around two or three years old.


If your child is younger than that, they may not even understand the concept of fear or be able to imagine scary things lurking in the darkness. In that case, they may actually sleep better in a dark room.


Some parents use night lights out of habit. For example, you may have used one to delay feedings when your child was an infant. If your child resists having it taken away, it may simply be because they're surprised by the change. You may need to give them some time to adjust.


If you do use a night light, choose one that provides enough comfortable light without illuminating the room too much. This is because sleeping in a bright room can disrupt a child's natural sleep patterns and make it harder for them to get a good night's rest. If they insist on bright lights, use a dimmer switch to gradually acclimate them to a softly lit night light.





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